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C3 is an open source programming language created in 2019 by Christoffer LernΓΆ.

#204on PLDB 5Years Old
Download source code:
git clone

The C3 compiler.

Example from the web:
module stack <Type>; // Above: the parameterized type is applied to the entire module. import std::mem; struct Stack { usize capacity; usize size; Type* elems; } // The type methods offers dot syntax calls, // so this function can either be called // Stack.push(&my_stack, ...) or // my_stack.push(...) fn void Stack.push(Stack* this, Type element) { if (this.capacity == this.size) { this.capacity *= 2; this.elems = mem::realloc(this.elems, $sizeof(Type) * this.capacity); } this.elems[this.size++] = element; } fn Type Stack.pop(Stack* this) { assert(this.size > 0); return this.elems[--this.size]; } fn bool Stack.empty(Stack* this) { return !this.size; }

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Switch Statements βœ“
   case 1:
   case 2:
      if (x > 0) nextcase 1; // Jump to 1
      nextcase; // Jump to the next case.
Structs βœ“
struct Test
   int x;
   float y;
   String z;
Strings βœ“
String s = "hello";
String t = `I say "hello"`;
Ternary operators βœ“
int foo = x ? 1 : 0;
Scientific Notation βœ“
While Loops βœ“
while (int x = foo(); x > 0)
  sum += x;
Conditionals βœ“
Assignment βœ“
a = b;
Case Sensitivity βœ“
Pointers βœ“
Variadic Functions βœ“
fn void foo_typed(int x, int... arg) { ... }
fn void foo_untyped(int x, ...arg)
foo_typed(1, 2, 3);
foo_untyped(1, "hello", 1.2);
hasReservedWords βœ“
Module Pattern βœ“
module my_module::submodule;
Operator Overloading βœ“
fn int IntList.get(IntList* this, int idx) @operator([])
   return this.vals[idx];
IntList x = ...
Multiline Strings βœ“
String s = `this
 string is multiline`;
MultiLine Comments βœ“ /* */
  Multiline comment
Methods βœ“
fn int Foo.get_value(Foo* this)
   return this.value;
File Imports βœ“
import std::io;
hasForEachLoops βœ“
foreach (x : list)
Macros βœ“
macro square(x)
  return x * x;
Union Types βœ“
union Foo
  int x;
  float f;
    char[2] z;
Single-Type Arrays βœ“
Unary Operators βœ“
Enums βœ“
enum TestEnum : int
Doc comments βœ“
 * @param [in] foo "The foo value"
 * @return "the toal foo count"
Constants βœ“
const FOO = 123;
const void* BAR = null;
Access Modifiers βœ“
Zero-based numbering βœ“
Default Parameters Pattern βœ“
fn void test(int x = 10) { ... }
Assert Statements βœ“
assert(a > 0, "Expected a positive number");
$assert(Foo.sizeof == 8, "Foo sizecheck at compile time failed");
Manual Memory Management βœ“
Increment and decrement operators βœ“
i++; --j;
Integers βœ“
int x = 314159;
Namespaces βœ“
import std::io;
io::printf("%d", i);
Type Casting βœ“
double d = 3.3;
int x = (int)d;
Binary Literals βœ“
Null βœ“
Lazy Evaluation βœ“
fn void print(String s)
   io::printfn("Said: %s", s);
macro @foo(bool run, #lazy)
  if (run) #lazy;
// Only "Said: Hello" is printed:
@foo(false, print("Bye"));
@foo(true, print("Hello"));
Labels βœ“
while FOO: (x > 0)
  for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++
    x = baz();
    if (x > i) break FOO;
Inheritance βœ“
Functions βœ“
Implicit Type Casting βœ“
hasIfElses βœ“
hasIfs βœ“
Hexadecimals βœ“
hasForLoops βœ“
Expressions βœ“
hasEscapeCharacters βœ“
hasContinue βœ“
hasBreak βœ“
hasBoundedCheckedArrays βœ“
hasArraySlicingSyntax βœ“
int[] slice1 = array[0..5]; // start..end
int[] slice2 = array[0:6]; // start:length
Octals βœ“
Bitwise Operators βœ“
int i = b << 4 + x; // Same as (b << 4) + x
Booleans βœ“ true false
Comments βœ“
// A comment
/* Another comment */
Line Comments βœ“ //
// A comment
Garbage Collection X
Gotos X
Case Insensitive Identifiers X
Constructors X
Variable Substitution Syntax X
hasUserDefinedOperators X
Units of Measure X
Unicode Identifers X
Abstract Types X
Classes X
Directives X
Multiple Inheritance X
S-Expressions X
Pipes X
Message Passing X
Magic Getters and Setters X
Homoiconicity X
Function Composition X
Function Overloading X
Here Document X
Dynamic Properties X
Duck Typing X
hasBuiltInRegex X
Async Await X
Semantic Indentation X
Regular Expression Syntax Sugar X

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