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While Loops

While Loops - language feature

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Example from JavaScript, TypeScript:
let times = 10 while (times) {times--} console.log("done")
Example from C3:
while (int x = foo(); x > 0) { sum += x; }
Example from Speedie:
while true "hello"
Example from Jule:
for my_condition { // ... }
Example from Cyber:
while fiber.status() != #done: res = coresume fiber count += 1

Languages with While Loops include Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby, C#, R, Swift, Scala, Ada, Rust, Kotlin, PowerShell, Pascal, TypeScript, Lua, Julia, Bash, Objective-C, Dart, Solidity, Verilog, Reason, Crystal, CoffeeScript, F#, OCaml, Groovy, VHDL, Chapel, ABAP, Dylan, AutoIt, X10, SystemVerilog, Cython, C3, Speedie, Maxima, Jule, Angelscript, Pizza, Apex, Cyber, Q#, JS++, fp, nimrod, hecl, Oracle Java, Deesel, Tick C, cooC, ADLIB, Extended Pascal

Languages without While Loops include HOPE, progsbase

This question asks: Does the language have while loops?

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