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Example from 1 languages: JavaScript
if (true) console.log("hi!")
Example from 1 languages: Python
if True: print("Hello world")
Example from 1 languages: Lua
if true then print("true") end
Example from 1 languages: Elixir
if true do IO.puts("Hello world") end
Example from 1 languages: Pug
- var user = {description: 'foo bar baz'} - var authorised = false #user if user.description Description p.description= user.description else if authorised Description p.description. User has no description, why not add one... else Description p.description User has no description
Example from 1 languages: Slope
(if positive? 1 -1)
Example from 1 languages: Jule
if BOOLEAN_EXPRESSION { outln(""Condition is true) }
Example from 1 languages: BALGOL

Languages with Conditionals include JavaScript, C, Python, Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Go, C#, R, Bash, PowerShell, Swift, Rust, Scala, Lua, Haskell, Kotlin, Elixir, CoffeeScript, Objective-C, Julia, Erlang, Dart, Ada, Pascal, Solidity, Crystal, Reason, Scheme, Groovy, OCaml, Chapel, F#, Pug, HCL, VHDL, F*, ABAP, Verilog, Koka, Opa, C3, Bicep, janet, SystemVerilog, progsbase, Slope, AutoIt, C2, Twig, Clean, Felix, Dylan, Flow9, Maxima, ATS, Veryl, X10, Angelscript, Ligo, Apex, Jule, HOPE, Sophia, JS++, Speedie, fp, Aardvark, PowerQuery M, Q#, nimrod, BALGOL


Languages without Conditionals include HTML, JSON, XML


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