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Example from 1 languages: HOPE
Hope enables us to use a function with two arguments as an infix operator. e must assign it a priority and use it as an infix operator everywhere, including the equations that define it. A bigger number in the infix declaration means a higher priority. Most of Hope's standard functions are supplied as infix operators. infix mult 8; dec mult : num # num - > num; ---xmulty<= ifY=0then0elsexmult(y-1)+x;
Example from 1 languages: Speedie
class myclass |int| Num operator add (|int| x, |myclass|) return myclass(.num + x) render fs <~ .num main || x = myclass(1) || y = myclass(2) || z = y + x printline z

Languages with hasUserDefinedOperators include HOPE, Speedie


Languages without hasUserDefinedOperators include C3, Jule


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