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Access Modifiers

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Example from 1 languages: TypeScript
class Person { private _age = 2 public get age() { return _age } protected year = 1990 }
Example from 1 languages: Jule
Example from 1 languages: Speedie
class Person |int| age setter age expect (value >= 0) ("bad age $value set!") .age = value main || p = person() p.age = -1 // calls a function rather than the property || n = p.age // reads the property directly!

Languages with Access Modifiers include Java, C++, PHP, TypeScript, C#, Swift, Kotlin, Solidity, F#, Protocol Buffers, ABAP, Koka, C3, C2, Apex, Jule, Sophia, Speedie


Languages without Access Modifiers include JavaScript, C, progsbase


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