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Example from 1 languages: JSON
Example from 1 languages: Go
c := true
Example from 1 languages: TypeScript
const result = true
Example from 1 languages: Lua
true false
Example from 1 languages: Nim
let res = true
Example from 1 languages: Slope
(define open? #t)
Example from 1 languages: Jule
true false
Example from 1 languages: Bel
; The symbol nil represents falsity as well as the empty list. ; The symbol t is the default representation for truth, but any object other than nil also counts as true.
Example from 1 languages: Ion
null.bool true false
Example from 1 languages: opengraph
true false 1 0

Languages with Booleans include JavaScript, C, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, JSON, Go, TypeScript, SQL, C#, R, Swift, Rust, Scala, Lua, Kotlin, Elixir, CoffeeScript, Julia, Dart, COBOL, Visual Basic, Ada, Pascal, Solidity, Nim, PostgreSQL, Crystal, Reason, MySQL, GraphQL, Groovy, OCaml, F#, HCL, Liquid, Protocol Buffers, Visual Basic .NET, MongoDB, ANTLR, F*, ABAP, MoonScript, EDN, NetLogo, PL/SQL, C3, Nearley, CouchDB, SPARQL, janet, UML, progsbase, Modula-2, Click, Slope, idyll, wisp, C2, Simula, Twig, eC, Transact-SQL, Modula-3, Oz, TLA, MariaDB, Isabelle, ArkScript, XL, Lasso, Angelscript, Classroom Object Oriented Language, BlitzBasic, spry, Ligo, Apex, Concise Encoding, Augmented Backus-Naur Form, Jule, Jison Lex, Bluespec, Spin, Sophia, JSON Lines, Cell, Ezhil, Jupyter Notebook, Action!, S-algol, Uniform eXchange Format, JS++, Speedie, Aardvark, PROMAL, carth, Bel, C/AL, PowerQuery M, Amazon Redshift, blockml, Ion, Ren, Arden syntax, fizz, BALGOL, Cach茅 Basic, bag-format, Freefem, llhd, Mscgen, PLZ, opengraph, Friendly Enough Expression Language, mckeeman-form


Languages without Booleans include Markdown, Ini, SQLite, Veryl


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