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Example from 1 languages: F#
/// Adds 2 numbers let rec add x y = x + y
Example from 1 languages: PureScript
-- -- | `bool` performs case analysis for the `Boolean` data type, like an `if` statement. bool :: forall a. Boolean -> a -> a -> a bool true x _ = x bool false _ x = x
Example from 1 languages: C3
/** * @param [in] foo "The foo value" * @return "the toal foo count" **/
Example from 1 languages: Jule
// Documentation comment for a_function fn a_function() {}
Example from 1 languages: Speedie
function Find (|string| pattern, |int| pos=0, |int|) description "Returns the position of pattern in self, starting from 'pos'. If not found, we return -1."

Languages with Doc comments include F#, PureScript, C3, Jule, Speedie


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