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Bluespec is a programming language created in 2000.

#816on PLDB 24Years Old 275Repos

Bluespec, Inc. is a semiconductor tool design company co-founded by Prof. Arvind of MIT in June 2003. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Linguist:
package TbTL; import TL::*; interface Lamp; method Bool changed; method Action show_offs; method Action show_ons; method Action reset; endinterface module mkLamp#(String name, Bool lamp)(Lamp); Reg#(Bool) prev <- mkReg(False); method changed = (prev != lamp); method Action show_offs; if (prev && !lamp) $write (name + " off, "); endmethod method Action show_ons; if (!prev && lamp) $write (name + " on, "); endmethod method Action reset; prev <= lamp; endmethod endmodule (* synthesize *) module mkTest(); let dut <- sysTL; Reg#(Bit#(16)) ctr <- mkReg(0); Reg#(Bool) carN <- mkReg(False); Reg#(Bool) carS <- mkReg(False); Reg#(Bool) carE <- mkReg(False); Reg#(Bool) carW <- mkReg(False); Lamp lamps[12]; lamps[0] <- mkLamp("0: NS red ", dut.lampRedNS); lamps[1] <- mkLamp("1: NS amber", dut.lampAmberNS); lamps[2] <- mkLamp("2: NS green", dut.lampGreenNS); lamps[3] <- mkLamp("3: E red ", dut.lampRedE); lamps[4] <- mkLamp("4: E amber", dut.lampAmberE); lamps[5] <- mkLamp("5: E green", dut.lampGreenE); lamps[6] <- mkLamp("6: W red ", dut.lampRedW); lamps[7] <- mkLamp("7: W amber", dut.lampAmberW); lamps[8] <- mkLamp("8: W green", dut.lampGreenW); lamps[9] <- mkLamp("9: Ped red ", dut.lampRedPed); lamps[10] <- mkLamp("10: Ped amber", dut.lampAmberPed); lamps[11] <- mkLamp("11: Ped green", dut.lampGreenPed); rule start (ctr == 0); $dumpvars; endrule rule detect_cars; dut.set_car_state_N(carN); dut.set_car_state_S(carS); dut.set_car_state_E(carE); dut.set_car_state_W(carW); endrule rule go; ctr <= ctr + 1; if (ctr == 5000) carN <= True; if (ctr == 6500) carN <= False; if (ctr == 12_000) dut.ped_button_push; endrule rule stop (ctr > 32768); $display("TESTS FINISHED"); $finish(0); endrule function do_offs(l) = l.show_offs; function do_ons(l) = l.show_ons; function do_reset(l) = l.reset; function do_it(f); action for (Integer i=0; i<12; i=i+1) f(lamps[i]); endaction endfunction function any_changes(); Bool b = False; for (Integer i=0; i<12; i=i+1) b = b || lamps[i].changed; return b; endfunction rule show (any_changes()); do_it(do_offs); do_it(do_ons); do_it(do_reset); $display("(at time %d)", $time); endrule endmodule endpackage

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
Booleans True False
(* A comment
MultiLine Comments
(* A comment
(* *)
Semantic Indentation X

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