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Speedie is a programming language created in 2022 by Theodore H Smith.

#1277on PLDB 2Years Old

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main "Hello World!"
Speedie Keywords
#require #expect #error and asm break class continue else elseif false for if is in import module or return require expect error virtual behaviour function syntax syx self true with yield while xor

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Classes โœ“
Zero-based numbering โœ“
printline ["a", "b", "c"][0] // prints "a"
Print() Debugging โœ“ print
"error 1 here"
Dispose Blocks Pattern โœ“
using SomeObject
 for 10
  if (random[]>0.5)
   return // someobject.SyntaxUsingComplete called here
// someobject.SyntaxUsingComplete called here too
Strings โœ“
"hello world"
Access Modifiers โœ“
class Person
 |int| age
 setter age
  expect (value >= 0) ("bad age $value set!")
  .age = value
 || p = person()
 p.age = -1     // calls a function rather than the property
 || n = p.age   // reads the property directly!
Inheritance โœ“
class Person (Animal)
Semantic Indentation โœ“
class Person
 |string| name
Null โœ“
|| msg = message()
 if msg != nil
  "msg exists"
 msg = nil
Unary Operators โœ“
|| x = !0
hasUserDefinedOperators โœ“
class myclass
 |int| Num
 operator add (|int| x, |myclass|)
  return myclass(.num + x)
  fs <~ .num

 || x = myclass(1)
 || y = myclass(2)
 || z = y + x
 printline z
Operator Overloading โœ“
str = "a" + "b"
array <~ str
Function Overloading โœ“
function volume (|float| a, |float|)
 return a*a*a
function volume (|float| r, |float| h, |float|)
 // volume of a cylinder
 return math.pi*r*r*h
Single-Type Arrays โœ“
|array of string| s
s <~ "abc" // ok
s <~ 1 // fail
hasForEachLoops โœ“
|| items = [5,6,7,8]
for i in items
 printline i
Iterators โœ“
|| items = [5,6,7,8]
for i in items
 printline i
Constructors โœ“
class Foobar
 |float| x
 |float| y
 constructor (|float| r=1, |float| alpha=0)
 .x = r * alpha.cos
 .y = r * alpha.sin

|| a = foobar()
|| b = foobar(3)
|| c = foobar(5, M_PI/4)
Binary Literals โœ“
|| num = 0b010101
Floats โœ“
|| num = 0.0
Hexadecimals โœ“
|| num = 0xBEEF
Functions โœ“
function Example (|string| data)
 file <~ data
Lists โœ“
myList = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
Units of Measure โœ“
|| time = 1day - 10s
|| size = 10.2MB
Integers โœ“
pldb = 80766866
Pointers โœ“
|| i = 0
|| p = &i
*p = 1
if (i == 1)
Homoiconicity โœ“
The~entire~Language is (%written in:@Jeebox)
Multiline Strings โœ“
Infix Notation โœ“
seven = 3 + 4
Breakpoints โœ“
Source Maps โœ“
 bannedclasses (file, process, shellstream, archive)
 // using these classes... even indirectly, will create an error
 // the error message will show the entire call-chain that reached these classes
Virtual function โœ“
class abc
 virtual DoSomething (|string| name)
 behaviour DoSomething
  printline "hello: $name"
Static Methods โœ“
class abc
  function Print
Type Parameters โœ“
function ABC (|string| name)
hasTimestamps โœ“
printline __time_id__
hasMethodOverloading โœ“
hasVoidFunctions โœ“
|| x = 123
function abc
 x = 10
hasGlobalScope โœ“
|| x = 123
function abc
 x = 10
hasFnArguments โœ“
function ABC (|string| name)
canReadCommandLineArgs โœ“
printline app[0]
hasDynamicSizedArrays โœ“
|| arr = []
arr <~ "abc"
hasRequiredMainFunction โœ“
 "hello world"
hasSelfOrThisWord โœ“
hasStatementTerminatorCharacter โœ“
if x: x++, x*=2, return
hasMemberVariables โœ“
class abc
 |int| def
hasStringConcatOperator โœ“
|| ab = "a" + "b"
Characters โœ“
|| char = 'b'
if b > 32
hasEscapeCharacters โœ“
|| str = "\01\02\03"
hasForLoops โœ“
while i in 10
  "hello: $i"
While Loops โœ“
while true
Assignment โœ“ =
name = "John"
File Imports โœ“
import Proj
MultiLine Comments โœ“ /* */
Comments โœ“
// comment
Garbage Collection โœ“
|| msg = message()
// msg now gets disposed
Constants โœ“
 Opened = 1
 Closed = 2
hasBreak โœ“
for i in 10
 if i > 3: exit
 printline i // 1,2,3
hasContinue โœ“
for i in 10
 if i < 5: continue
 printline i // 6,7,8,9
Conditionals โœ“
Booleans โœ“ true false
Symbol Tables โœ“
Shebang โœ“
Bitwise Operators โœ“
x << y
Message Passing โœ“
|| chld = app.fork("ipc_identifier_123", app.rawargs)
chld <~ "send message"
printline chld.get // receive message
Ternary operators โœ“
 printline (1,0)(random[]>0.5)
Case Insensitive Identifiers โœ“
if "abc".LeNgTh == 3
  "cool length"
Case Sensitivity โœ“
|| Same = "x" == "X" // same = false
Disk Output โœ“
"helloworld.txt" <~ "Hello, world!\n"
Enums โœ“
// A=1, B=2, C=4, D=8
// X=0, Y=1, Z=3, W=4
Structs โœ“
struct Fuel
 |int| A
 |byte| B
Type Casting โœ“
|| x = message()
|| y = x|object| // lose type info
|| z = y|message| // regain it
Module Pattern โœ“
module App
 function Path (|string|)
  // return the app's path here
Single Dispatch โœ“
|| x = "str"
|| i = x.find("t")
Increment and decrement operators โœ“
|| x = 1
Static Typing โœ“
|| x = "Hello"
x = 1 // fails to compile... because x is a string
Type Inference โœ“
|| x = "Hello"
|| y = FunctionThatReturnsAString() // is now a string
x = 1 // fails to compile
y = 2 // fails to compile
Macros โœ“
Magic Getters and Setters โœ“
Default Parameters Pattern โœ“
function Find (|string| pattern, |int| pos=0, |int|)
Unicode Identifers โœ“
class รฉยฉยฉ
  printline // "รฉยฉยฉ"
Doc comments โœ“
function Find (|string| pattern, |int| pos=0, |int|)
 description "Returns the position of pattern in self, starting from 'pos'. If not found, we return -1."
Assert Statements โœ“
class Person
 |int| age
 setter age
  // "expect" will actually add an Error to a list of errors
  expect (value >= 0) ("bad age $value set!")
  .age = value

 || p = person()
 p.age = -10
 if !stderr.ok
  "Oof we got some errors"
Polymorphism โœ“
|object| x = somefunction()
|| y = x.render // returns a string by calling the virtual func "render"
Pipes โœ“
Maps โœ“
|| x = ["a":"Apple", "b":"Bird", "c":"Cat"]
printline x["b"] // Bird
Partial Application โœ“
"hello world ${app.args[0]}"
Exceptions X
Threads X
Templates X
Multiple Inheritance X
Namespaces X
hasReservedWords X
|| return = 123
|| if = 456
if if == 456
 return return
Octals X
hasTryCatch X
|| data = "somefile".file.readall
if !data
 stderr.printerrors // prints any file-system error that occurred during .readall
Dynamic Properties X
Regular Expression Syntax Sugar X
Duck Typing X
Manual Memory Management X
Multiple Dispatch X

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