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BlitzBasic is a programming language created in 2000.

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Blitz BASIC refers to the programming language dialect that was interpreted by the first Blitz compilers, devised by New Zealand-based developer Mark Sibly. Being derived from BASIC, Blitz syntax was designed to be easy to pick up for beginners first learning to program. The languages are game-programming oriented but are often found general-purpose enough to be used for most types of application. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Linguist:
Local i, start, result Local s.Sum3Obj = New Sum3Obj For i = 1 To 100000 s = New Sum3Obj result = Handle Before s Delete s Next start = MilliSecs() For i = 1 To 1000000 result = Sum3_(MakeSum3Obj(i, i, i)) Next start = MilliSecs() - start Print start start = MilliSecs() For i = 1 To 1000000 result = Sum3(i, i, i) Next start = MilliSecs() - start Print start WaitKey End Function Sum3(a, b, c) Return a + b + c End Function Type Sum3Obj Field isActive Field a, b, c End Type Function MakeSum3Obj(a, b, c) Local s.Sum3Obj = Last Sum3Obj If s\isActive Then s = New Sum3Obj s\isActive = True s\a = a s\b = b s\c = c Restore label Read foo Return Handle(s) End Function .label Data (10 + 2), 12, 14 : Function Sum3_(a_) Local a.Sum3Obj = Object.Sum3Obj a_ Local return_ = a\a + a\b + a\c Insert a Before First Sum3Obj :: a\isActive = False Return return_ End Function ;~IDEal Editor Parameters: ;~C#Blitz3D
Example from Wikipedia:
AppTitle = "Binary Clock" Graphics 145,85 secondtimer = CreateTimer(2) Repeat Hour = CurrentTime()[..2].ToInt() Minute = CurrentTime()[4..6].ToInt() Second = CurrentTime()[6..].ToInt() If Hour >= 12 Then PM = 1 If Hour > 12 Then Hour = Hour - 12 If Hour = 0 Then Hour = 12 'should do this otherwise the PM dot will be 'Left up once the clock rolls past midnight! Cls SetColor(0,255,0) 'make the text green For the PM part If PM = 1 Then DrawText "PM",5,5 'set the text colour back To white For the rest SetColor(255,255,255) For bit=0 Until 6 xpos=20*(6-bit) binaryMask=2^bit 'do hours If (bit<4) If (hour & binaryMask) DrawText "1",xpos,5 Else DrawText "0",xpos,5 EndIf EndIf 'do the minutes If (minute & binaryMask) DrawText "1", xpos,25 Else DrawText "0", xpos,25 EndIf 'do the seconds If (second & binaryMask) DrawText "1",xpos,45 Else DrawText "0",xpos,45 EndIf Next 'make the text red For the decimal time SetColor(255,0,0) DrawText "Decimal: " + CurrentTime(),5,65 'set the text back To white For the rest SetColor(255,255,255) Flip 'will wait half a second WaitTimer(secondTimer) If KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE) Then Exit Forever

Language features

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Binary Literals
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