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Red is an open source programming language created in 2011 by Nenad Rakocevic.

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Red is a computer programming language. Red was made to overcome the limitations of the programming language Rebol. Introduced in 2011 by Nenad Rakocevic, Red is both an imperative and functional programming language. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Riju:
Red [Title: "Main"] print "Hello, world!"
Example from hello-world:
Red [Needs: 'View] view [text "Hello World"]
Example from Linguist:
Red/System [ Title: "Red/System example file" Purpose: "Just some code for testing Pygments colorizer" Language: ] #include %../common/FPU-configuration.reds ; C types #define time! long! #define clock! long! date!: alias struct! [ second [integer!] ; 0-61 (60?) minute [integer!] ; 0-59 hour [integer!] ; 0-23 day [integer!] ; 1-31 month [integer!] ; 0-11 year [integer!] ; Since 1900 weekday [integer!] ; 0-6 since Sunday yearday [integer!] ; 0-365 daylight-saving-time? [integer!] ; Negative: unknown ] #either OS = 'Windows [ #define clocks-per-second 1000 ][ ; CLOCKS_PER_SEC value for Syllable, Linux (XSI-conformant systems) ; TODO: check for other systems #define clocks-per-second 1000'000 ] #import [LIBC-file cdecl [ ; Error handling form-error: "strerror" [ ; Return error description. code [integer!] return: [c-string!] ] print-error: "perror" [ ; Print error to standard error output. string [c-string!] ] ; Memory management make: "calloc" [ ; Allocate zero-filled memory. chunks [size!] size [size!] return: [binary!] ] resize: "realloc" [ ; Resize memory allocation. memory [binary!] size [size!] return: [binary!] ] ] JVM!: alias struct! [ reserved0 [int-ptr!] reserved1 [int-ptr!] reserved2 [int-ptr!] DestroyJavaVM [function! [[JNICALL] vm [JVM-ptr!] return: [jint!]]] AttachCurrentThread [function! [[JNICALL] vm [JVM-ptr!] penv [struct! [p [int-ptr!]]] args [byte-ptr!] return: [jint!]]] DetachCurrentThread [function! [[JNICALL] vm [JVM-ptr!] return: [jint!]]] GetEnv [function! [[JNICALL] vm [JVM-ptr!] penv [struct! [p [int-ptr!]]] version [integer!] return: [jint!]]] AttachCurrentThreadAsDaemon [function! [[JNICALL] vm [JVM-ptr!] penv [struct! [p [int-ptr!]]] args [byte-ptr!] return: [jint!]]] ] ;just some datatypes for testing: #some-hash 10-1-2013 quit ;binary: #{00FF0000} #{00FF0000 FF000000} #{00FF0000 FF000000} ;with tab instead of space 2#{00001111} 64#{/wAAAA==} 64#{/wAAA A==} ;with space inside 64#{/wAAA A==} ;with tab inside ;string with char {bla ^(ff) foo} {bla ^(( foo} ;some numbers: 12 1'000 1.2 FF00FF00h ;some tests of hexa number notation with not common ending [ff00h ff00h] ff00h{} FFh"foo" 00h(1 + 2) (AEh) ;normal words: foo char ;get-word :foo ;lit-word: 'foo 'foo to-integer foo foo/(a + 1)/b call/output reform ['which interpreter] path: copy "" version-1.1: 00010001h #if type = 'exe [ push system/stack/frame ;-- save previous frame pointer system/stack/frame: system/stack/top ;-- @@ reposition frame pointer just after the catch flag ] push CATCH_ALL ;-- exceptions root barrier push 0 ;-- keep stack aligned on 64-bit
Example from Wikipedia:
Red/System [Title: "A factorial script"] factorial: func [ x [integer!] ; This is compulsory in Red/System return: [integer!] ; This is compulsory in Red/System ][ either x = 0 [1][x * factorial x - 1] ]

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Strings "
"Hello world"
; A comment
Line Comments ;
; A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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