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JAL compiler

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JAL compiler is a compiler created in 2000.

#1491on PLDB 24Years Old
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JAL (Just Another Language) is a Pascal-like programming language and compiler that generates executable code for PIC microcontrollers. It is a free-format language with a compiler that runs on Linux, MS-Windows and MS-DOS (OSX support). It is configurable and extendable through the use of libraries and can even be combined with PIC assembly language.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
-- JAL 2.3 include 16f877_bert--define the variables var byte resist--define the pins pin_a0_direction = input--variable resistor pin_d7_direction = input--switch pin_c2_direction = output--pwm led--enable pulse width modulation PWM_init_frequency (true, true) forever loop--convert analog on a0 to digital resist = ADC_read_low_res(0) -- run measurement through flash memory program_eeprom_write(2000,resist) program_eeprom_read(2000,resist) -- run measurement through data memory data_eeprom_write(10,resist) data_eeprom_read(10,resist) -- if the switch is pressed return random value if pin_d7 == high then resist = random_byte end if--send resistance to PC serial_sw_write(resist) delay_100ms(1) -- set actual PWM duty cycle PWM_Set_DutyCycle (resist, resist) end loop

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