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CWL is an open source programming language created in 2014 by Luka Stojanovic.

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git clone
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The Common Workflow Language (CWL) is a specification for describing analysis workflows and tools in a way that makes them portable and scalable across a variety of software and hardware environments, from workstations to cluster, cloud, and high performance computing (HPC) environments. CWL is designed to meet the needs of data-intensive science, such as Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging, Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry.

Example from Linguist:
#!/usr/bin/env cwl-runner # Originally from # # Released under the MIT License: # # Converted to CWL v1.0 syntax using # # and polished by Michael R. Crusoe <> # All modifications also released under the MIT License cwlVersion: v1.0 class: CommandLineTool doc: Trunk scores in ENCODE bed6+4 files hints: DockerRequirement: dockerPull: dukegcb/workflow-utils inputs: peaks: type: File sep: type: string default: \t outputs: trunked_scores_peaks: type: stdout baseCommand: awk arguments: - -F $(inputs.sep) - BEGIN{OFS=FS}$5>1000{$5=1000}{print} - $(inputs.peaks.path) stdout: $(inputs.peaks.nameroot).trunked_scores$(inputs.peaks.nameext)

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
# A comment
Line Comments
# A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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