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YANG is an open source application created in 2014 by Tom Nadeau.

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YANG modules from standards organizations such as the IETF, The IEEE, The Metro Ethernet Forum, open source such as Open Daylight or vendor specific modules

Example from Linguist:
module sfc-lisp-impl { yang-version 1; namespace "urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:controller:config:sfc-lisp:impl"; prefix "sfc-lisp-impl"; import config { prefix config; revision-date 2013-04-05; } import rpc-context { prefix rpcx; revision-date 2013-06-17; } import opendaylight-md-sal-binding { prefix mdsal; revision-date 2013-10-28; } description "This module contains the base YANG definitions for sfc-lisp implementation."; revision "2015-04-27" { description "Initial revision."; } // This is the definition of the service implementation as a module identity identity sfc-lisp-impl { base config:module-type; // Specifies the prefix for generated java classes. config:java-name-prefix SfcLisp; } // Augments the 'configuration' choice node under modules/module. augment "/config:modules/config:module/config:configuration" { case sfc-lisp-impl { when "/config:modules/config:module/config:type = 'sfc-lisp-impl'"; //wires in the data-broker service container data-broker { uses config:service-ref { refine type { mandatory false; config:required-identity mdsal:binding-async-data-broker; } } } container rpc-registry { uses config:service-ref { refine type { mandatory true; config:required-identity mdsal:binding-rpc-registry; } } } } } }

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