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UCG, aka Universal Configuration Grammar, is a data notation created in 2017 by Jeremy Wall.

#1469on PLDB 7Years Old
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UCG is a universal grammar for configuration. UCG's goal is not to define a configuration format like JSON, YAML, or TOML. It is not intended to replace the other serialization formats. Instead it is intended to provide a common grammar for generating those formats.

Example from the web:
let db_confs = import "db/mysql/hosts.ucg"; let consul_hosts = import "services/consul/hosts.ucg".host_pool; let conf = { port = 8888, addr = "", db = { host = db_confs.host_pool.addr, port = db_confs.host_pool.port, database = "myservicedb", }, config_svc = consul_hosts.url, }; out json conf;

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