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Markwhen is a text markup language created in 2022 by Rob Koch.

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git clone
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Make a cascading timeline from Markdown-like text.

Example from the web:
title: Welcome to Markwhen 馃憢 #Project1: #d336b1 section Welcome #welcome now: This example timeline showcases some of markwhen's features. Feel free to delete everything to start making your own timeline #welcome now: You can also view this example timeline at []( #welcome Or you can save this timeline so you can refer to it later, by going to Browser storage & files, and clicking Save current. now: For more information, view the documentation [here]( or join the [discord]( #welcome endSection section All Projects group Project 1 #Project1 // Supports ISO8601 2023-01/2023-03: Sub task #John 2023-03/2023-06: Sub task 2 #Michelle More info about sub task 2 - [ ] We need to get this done - [x] And this - [ ] This one is extra 2023-07: Yearly planning endGroup group Project 2 #Project2 2023-04/4 months: Larger sub task #Danielle // Supports American date formats 03/2023 - 1 year: Longer ongoing task #Michelle - [x] Sub task 1 - [x] Sub task 2 - [ ] Sub task 3 - [ ] Sub task 4 - [ ] so many checkboxes omg 10/2023 - 2 months: Holiday season endGroup group Project 3 01/2024: Project kickoff 02/2024-04/2024: Other stuff endGroup endSection 2023-01-03 every other week for 1 year: Biweekly meeting

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