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SpiderBasic is a programming language created in 2015.

#1216on PLDB 9Years Old
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SpiderBasic Keywords
And Array Bool Break CallDebugger Case ClearStructure CompilerCase CompilerElse CompilerElseIf CompilerEndIf CompilerEndSelect CompilerIf CompilerSelect Continue CopyStructure Data DataSection Debug DebugLevel Declare DeclareModule Default Define Defined Dim DisableExplicit DisableDebugger DisableJS Else ElseIf EnableASM EnableExplicit EnableDebugger EnableJS End EndDataSection EndDeclareModule EndEnumeration EndIf EndImport EndInterface EndMacro EndModule EndProcedure EndSelect EndStructure EndWith Enumeration Extends For ForEach Forever Global Import IncludeFile IncludePath Interface List Macro MacroExpandedCount Map Module NewList NewMap Next Not OffsetOf Or Procedure ProcedureReturn Protected Prototype Read ReDim Repeat Restore Runtime Select Shared SizeOf Static Step Structure Subsystem Swap To TypeOf UndefineMacro Until UnuseModule UseModule Wend With While XIncludeFile XOr

Language features

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