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Not Quite C

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Not Quite C, aka Not Quite C, is an open source programming language created in 2017 by Nora Sandler.

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Download source code:
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Not Quite C (NQC) is a programming language, application programming interface (API), and native bytecode compiler toolkit for the Lego Mindstorms, Cybermaster and LEGO Spybotics systems. It is based primarily on the C language but has specific limitations, such as the maximum number of subroutines and variables allowed, which differ depending on the version of firmware the RCX has. The language was invented by David Baum. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
task main () // Main program { SetPower(OUT_A, OUT_FULL); // Turn on motor A at 100% power. OnFor(OUT_A, 200); // Let the motor run for two seconds, and then turn it off. }

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
// A comment
Line Comments //
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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