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Mond is a programming language created in 2014 by Rohan Singh.

#972on PLDB 10Years Old
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A scripting language for C# which can be embedded in Lua-like manner.

Example from the web:
// documentation can be found here: seq range(start, end) { for (var i = start; i <= end; i++) yield i; } seq where(list, filter) { foreach (var x in list) { if (filter(x)) yield x; } } seq select(list, transform) { foreach (var x in list) yield transform(x); } fun toArray(list) { var array = []; foreach (var value in list) { array.add(value); } return array; } return range(0, 1000) |> where(x -> x % 2 == 0) |> select(x -> x / 2) |> toArray();
Infinity NaN break case const continue debugger default do else false for foreach fun global if in null return seq switch true undefined var while yield

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