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Hyperscript is a template language created in 2012 by Dominic Tarr.

#889on PLDB 12Years Old
Download source code:
git clone

Create HyperText with JavaScript.

Example from the web:
var h = require('hyperscript') h('div#page', h('div#header', h('h1.classy', 'h', { style: {'background-color': '#22f'} })), h('div#menu', { style: {'background-color': '#2f2'} }, h('ul', h('li', 'one'), h('li', 'two'), h('li', 'three'))), h('h2', 'content title', { style: {'background-color': '#f22'} }), h('p', "so it's just like a templating engine,\n", "but easy to use inline with javascript\n"), h('p', "the intention is for this to be used to create\n", "reusable, interactive html widgets. "))

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