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GraphIt is an open source programming language created in 2017.

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GraphIt is a new DSL for graph computations that generates fast implementations for algorithms with different performance characteristics running on graphs with different sizes and structures. GraphIt separates what is computed (algorithm) from how it is computed (schedule). Programmers specify the algorithm using an algorithm language, and performance optimizations are specified using a separate scheduling language. The scheduling language enables programmers to easily search through this complicated tradeoff space by composing together a large set of edge traversal and vertex data layout optimizations.

Example from the web:
element Vertex end element Edge end const edges : edgeset{Edge}(Vertex,Vertex) = load (argv[1]); const vertices : vertexset{Vertex} = edges.getVertices(); const old_rank : vector{Vertex}(double) = 1.0/vertices.size(); const new_rank : vector{Vertex}(double) = 0.0; const out_degree : vector {Vertex}(int) = edges.getOutDegrees(); const contrib : vector{Vertex}(double) = 0.0; const error : vector{Vertex}(double) = 0.0; const damp : double = 0.85; const beta_score : double = (1.0 - damp) / vertices.size(); func computeContrib(v : Vertex) contrib[v] = old_rank[v] / out_degree[v]; end func updateEdge(src : Vertex, dst : Vertex) new_rank[dst] += contrib[src]; end func updateVertex(v : Vertex) var old_score : double = old_rank[v]; new_rank[v] = beta_score + damp*(new_rank[v]); error[v] = fabs(new_rank[v] - old_rank[v]); old_rank[v] = new_rank[v]; new_rank[v] = 0.0; end func printRank(v : Vertex) print old_rank[v]; end func reset(v: Vertex) old_rank[v] = 1.0/vertices.size(); new_rank[v] = 0.0; end func main() for trail in 0:10 startTimer(); vertices.apply(reset); for i in 0:20 vertices.apply(computeContrib); #s1# edges.apply(updateEdge); vertices.apply(updateVertex); end var elapsed_time : double = stopTimer(); print "elapsed time: "; print elapsed_time; end end % specify schedules here or use a separate schedule file

HackerNews discussions of GraphIt

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GraphIt: A High-Performance Domain-Specific Language for Graph Analytics 11/21/2018 34 2

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