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Hodor is an open source esoteric programming language created in 2015 by Drew Morris.

#676on PLDB 9Years Old
Download source code:
git clone

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Using jumbled permutations of the word "hodor" over and over again we have simplified programming syntax to make it easier than ever before.

Example from the web:
$HODOR: hhodor? Hodor!? Hodor!? oHooodorrhodor orHodor!? d = HoDoRHoDoR () { hodor.hod('Hhodor? Hodor!? Hodor!? o HODOR!? orHodor!? d!'); }; hhodor? Hodor!? Hodor!? oHooodorrhodor orHodor!? d();
Example from hello-world:
hodor.hod('Hhodor? Hodor!? Hodor!? o, Hooodorrhodor orHodor!? d!');

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Print() Debugging hodor.hod

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