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xxl is a programming language created in 2016.

#1376on PLDB 8Years Old
Download source code:
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a minimal vector programming language

Example from the web:
// enclose (c)urly(b)races, (s)quare(b)brackets, (q)uotes: 'ecb is {"{",x,"}"}; 'esb is {"[",x,"]"}; 'eq is {"\"",x,"\""}; 'jc is {join ","}; 'jac is {each y jc}; // join x with commas; apply y to each of x then join with commas 'pair is {encode,":",(y encode)}; // key:val pair for dict 'dict is {key as 'k; x val as 'v; [k],v >: pair jc ecb}; // get keys/vals, pair merge, commas, braces // wrap non-scalar values in appropriate way: 'many is {as 'el type case ('char, {el str eq}, 'dict, {el dict}, {el jac encode esb})}; 'encode is {ravel[many,str]}; // ravel calls x y[0] for arrays (len > 1), x y[1] for scalars

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
// A comment
Line Comments //
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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