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Markus is a query language created in 2020.

#2780on PLDB 4Years Old
Download source code:
git clone

A declarative (database) query language!

Example from the web:
type User: user { name: string; } type Task { owner: User; title: string; done: bool; } query myTasks() { is(Task), # %user is the current authenticated user. eq(.owner, %user) } action newTask($title: string) { create Task { user: %user, title: $title, done: false }; } action toggleStatus($task: Task) { validate eq($task.owner, %user); update $task { .done: not(.done) }; } action delete($task: Task) { validate eq($task.owner, %user); delete $task; } action edit($task: Task, $new_title: string) { validate eq($task.owner, %user); update $task { .title: $new_title }; }

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