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kona is a programming language created in 2010.

#822on PLDB 14Years Old
Download source code:
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Kona is the open-source implementation of the k3 programming language. k is a synthesis of APL and LISP. Although many of the capabilities come from APL, the fundamental data construct is quite different. In APL the construct is a multi-dimensional matrix-like array, where the dimension of the array can range from 0 to some maximum (often 9). In k, like LISP, the fundamental data construct is a list. Also, like LISP, the k language is ASCII-based, so you don't need a special keyboard.

Example from the web:
factorial:{*/1+!:x} fib1:{(x(|+\)\1 1)[;1]} fib2:{x{x,+/-2#x}/!2} fib_rec:{:[x<2;1;_f[x-1]+_f[x-2]]} maxsubsum:{|/0(0|+)\x} primes_to_n_sieve:{2_&{:[x@y;x&@[1,-1_ z#(1_ y#1),0;y;:;1];x]}/[x#1;2_!__ceil_sqrt x;x]} primes_to_n_sieve2:{:[x<4;,2;r,1_&~|/x#'~!:'r: _f[_ _ceil _sqrt x]]}

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