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ink is an open source esoteric programming language created in 2015 by Joseph Humfrey.

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Download source code:
git clone

Try now: Riju

Ink is inkle's scripting language for writing interactive narrative, both for text-centric games as well as more graphical games that contain highly branching stories.

Example from the web:
- I looked at Monsieur Fogg * ... and I could contain myself no longer. 'What is the purpose of our journey, Monsieur?' 'A wager,' he replied. * * 'A wager!'[] I returned. He nodded. * * * 'But surely that is foolishness!' * * * 'A most serious matter then!' - - - He nodded again. * * * 'But can we win?' 'That is what we will endeavour to find out,' he answered. * * * 'A modest wager, I trust?' 'Twenty thousand pounds,' he replied, quite flatly. * * * I asked nothing further of him then[.], and after a final, polite cough, he offered nothing more to me. <> * * 'Ah[.'],' I replied, uncertain what I thought. - - After that, <> * ... but I said nothing[] and <> - we passed the day in silence. - -> END
Example from Riju:
std := load('../../../opt/ink/std') str := load('../../../opt/ink/str') log := std.log log('Hello, world!')
Example from hello-world:
Hello World

View source

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