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Cognate is a programming language created in 2020 by Finn Barber.

#1970on PLDB 4Years Old
Download source code:
git clone

A human readable quasi-concatenative programming language. Cognate is a small, dynamic, concatenative language for functional programming. Cognate aims to express complex programs in a simple and readable way through its unique syntax, which emphasises embedding comments into statements. This makes programs very readable and helps a programmer better express their intentions.

Example from the web:
~~ Prime numbers in Cognate Def Factor (Zero? Modulo Swap); Def Primes ( Let U is upper bound; initially List (); For Range 2 to U ( Let P is potential prime; Let Found be list of found primes; Let To-check be Take-while (<= Sqrt P) Found; When All (Not Factor of P) To-check ( Append P ) to Found ) ); Print Primes up to 1000;

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