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CoffeeKup is a template language created in 2010 by Maurice Machado.

#2680on PLDB 14Years Old
Download source code:
git clone

Markup as CoffeeScript.

Example from the web:
doctype 5 html -> head -> meta charset: 'utf-8' title "#{@title or 'Untitled'} | A completely plausible website" meta(name: 'description', content: @description) if @description? link rel: 'stylesheet', href: '/css/app.css' style ''' body {font-family: sans-serif} header, nav, section, footer {display: block} ''' script src: '/js/jquery.js' coffeescript -> $(document).ready -> alert 'Alerts suck!' body -> header -> h1 @title or 'Untitled' nav -> ul -> (li -> a href: '/', -> 'Home') unless @path is '/' li -> a href: '/chunky', -> 'Bacon!' switch @user.role when 'owner', 'admin' li -> a href: '/admin', -> 'Secret Stuff' when 'vip' li -> a href: '/vip', -> 'Exclusive Stuff' else li -> a href: '/commoners', -> 'Just Stuff' div '#myid.myclass.anotherclass', style: 'position: fixed', -> p 'Divitis kills! Inline styling too.' section -> # A helper function you built and included. breadcrumb separator: '>', clickable: yes h2 "Let's count to 10:" p i for i in [1..10] # Another hypothetical helper. form_to @post, -> textbox '#title', label: 'Title:' textbox '#author', label: 'Author:' submit 'Save' footer -> # CoffeeScript comments. Not visible in the output document. comment 'HTML comments.' p 'Bye!'

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