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Alpaca is a programming language created in 2017 by Jeremy Pierre.

#575on PLDB 7Years Old
Download source code:
git clone

Functional programming inspired by ML for the Erlang VM

Example from the web:
module simple_example -- a basic top-level function: let add2 x = x + 2 let something_with_let_bindings x = -- a function: let adder a b = a + b in -- a variable (immutable): let x_plus_2 = adder x 2 in add2 x -- a polymorphic ADT: type messages 'x = 'x | Fetch pid 'x {- A function that can be spawned to receive `messages int` messages, that increments its state by received integers and can be queried for its state. -} let will_be_a_process x = receive with i -> will_be_a_process (x + i) | Fetch sender -> let sent = send x sender in will_be_a_process x let start_a_process init = spawn will_be_a_process init

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