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PLDB Readme

A Programming Language Database

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PLDB is a public domain ScrollSet and website containing over 135,000 facts about over 4,000 programming languages.

This repo contains the entire ScrollSet, code, and website for

To download the data

The entire ScrollSet is ready to analyze in popular formats. Full documentation is here:

// npm install pldb console.log(require("pldb").javascript.appeared)

To add a new language

Create a new Scroll file in concepts with a unique URL friendly filename and send a pull request.

To update a language

Edit the corresponding concepts/*.scroll file and send a pull request.

To add a new measure

Update the file code/measures.parsers and add at least 1 measurement to a concept in concepts and send a pull request.

To build the site locally

git clone cd pldb # Required to run this during first install only. npm i -g cloc # Required to run this on fresh checkout and when upgrading from an old checkout or periodically when there are new releases npm install . # (Optional) Run tests npm run test npm run build # After you make changes and before you commit make sure to run: npm run format

To explore this repo

The most important folder is concepts, which contains the ScrollSet (a file for each concept). The file code/measures.parsers contains the Parsers (schema) for the ScrollSet.

You can see the cloc language stats on this repo at

To use as an npm package:

npm install pldb console.log(require("pldb").javascript.appeared)


PLDB content is published to the public domain and you can use it freely. If needed, here are 3 options for citing PLDB:
PLDB contributors. (2024) - "PLDB: a Programming Language Database". Retrieved from: '' [Online Resource]
@article{pldb, author = {PLDB contributors}, title = {PLDB: a Programming Language Database}, journal = {PLDB}, year = {2024}, note = {} }

All sources for PLDB can be found here:

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