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Sass, aka syntactically awesome stylesheets, is an open source stylesheet language created in 2006 by Hampton Lintorn-Catlin.

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Sass (syntactically awesome stylesheets) is a style sheet language initially designed by Hampton Catlin and developed by Natalie Weizenbaum. After its initial versions, Weizenbaum and Chris Eppstein continued to extend Sass with SassScript, a simple scripting language used in Sass files. Sass is a scripting language that is interpreted or compiled into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Riju:
body:before content: "Hello, world!"
Example from hello-world:
body::before content: "Hello World"
Example from Linguist:
$blue: #3bbfce $margin: 16px .content-navigation border-color: $blue color: darken($blue, 9%) .border padding: $margin / 2 margin: $margin / 2 border-color: $blue
Example from Wikipedia:
.error, .badError { border: 1px #f00; background: #fdd; } .error.intrusion, .badError.intrusion { font-size: 1.3em; font-weight: bold; } .badError { border-width: 3px; }

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Strings "
"Hello world"
@mixin reset-list
  margin: 0
  padding: 0
  list-style: none
@mixin horizontal-list
  @include reset-list
    display: inline-block
      left: -2px
      right: 2em
nav ul
  @include horizontal-list
Semantic Indentation

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