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GNU Poke

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GNU Poke is an open source programming language created in 2017 by Jose E. Marchesi.

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Download source code:
git clone

GNU poke is a new interactive editor for binary data. Not limited to editing basic entities such as bits and bytes, it provides a full-fledged procedural, interactive programming language designed to describe data structures and to operate on them.

Example from the web:
# The following two lines are dot commands .load .set obase 16 # The following line is a Poke statement dump :size 0x100#B :from 0x10#B # The following line is a Poke expression statement without any side effect. # Consequently it is valid, but rather useless. 4 == 4

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
MultiLine Comments
#!/usr/bin/poke -L

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