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Pod is a text markup language created in 1997.

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Plain Old Documentation (pod) is a lightweight markup language used to document the Perl programming language.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Linguist:
use strict; use warnings; package DZT::Sample; sub return_arrayref_of_values_passed { my $invocant = shift; return \@_; } 1;
Example from Wikipedia:
=head1 NAME My::Module - An example module =head1 SYNOPSIS use My::Module; my $object = My::Module->new(); print $object->as_string; =head1 DESCRIPTION This module does not really exist, it was made for the sole purpose of demonstrating how POD works. =head2 Methods =over 12 =item C<new> Returns a new My::Module object. =item C<as_string> Returns a stringified representation of the object. This is mainly for debugging purposes. =back =head1 LICENSE This is released under the Artistic License. See L<perlartistic>. =head1 AUTHOR Juerd - L<> =head1 SEE ALSO L<perlpod>, L<perlpodspec> =cut

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