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Pike is an open source programming language created in 1994 by Fredrik Hübinette.

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Pike is an interpreted, general-purpose, high-level, cross-platform, dynamic programming language, with a syntax similar to that of C. Unlike many other dynamic languages, Pike is both statically and dynamically typed, and requires explicit type definitions. It features a flexible type system that allows the rapid development and flexible code of dynamically typed languages, while still providing some of the benefits of a statically typed language. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Riju:
int main() { write("Hello, world!\n"); return 0; }
Example from hello-world:
int main() { write("Hello World\n"); return 0; }
// Hello world in Pike ( int main(){ write("Hello World!\n"); }
Example from Linguist:
#!/usr/bin/env pike int main(int argc, array argv) { return 0; }
Example from Wikipedia:
mixed anything; anything = (int)5.5; // anything is now the integer value 5 anything = (string)anything; // anything is now the string value "5"

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Print() Debugging write
Line Comments //
// A comment
#define CYCLES 20
Semantic Indentation X

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