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noon, aka no ordinary object notation, is a data notation created in 2015 by monsterkodi.

#1974on PLDB 9Years Old
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git clone
Source Code

no ordinary object notation

Example from the web:
name noon version 4.6.1 description no ordinary object notation keywords noon object notation author monsterkodi license Unlicense scripts build ./node_modules/.bin/kode -Ho js kode/*.kode test ./node_modules/.bin/kode -t kode/*.kode test/test.kode watch ./node_modules/.bin/kode -wt test/test.kode kode/*.kode files bin/noon js/*.js main js/main.js bin noon ./bin/noon repository github:monsterkodi/noon dependencies karg github:monsterkodi/karg klor github:monsterkodi/klor devDependencies kode github:monsterkodi/kode

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
Semantic Indentation

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