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kaitai is an interface design language created in 2016 by Mikhail Yakshin.

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Kaitai Struct is a YAML-based declarative language used to describe various binary data structures, laid out in files or in memory: i.e. binary file formats, network stream packet formats, etc. The main idea is that a particular format is described in Kaitai Struct language (.ksy file) and then can be compiled with ksc into source files in one of the supported programming languages. These modules will include a generated code for a parser that can read described data structure from a file / stream and give access to it in a nice, easy-to-comprehend API.

Example from the web:
meta: id: tcp_segment endian: be seq: - id: src_port type: u2 - id: dst_port type: u2 - id: seq_num type: u4 - id: ack_num type: u4

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