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Game Maker Language

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Game Maker Language is a programming language created in 1999.

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The language historically tries to accommodate different programming backgrounds and styles - BASIC/Lua style "and" / "or" keywords can be used interchangeably with C-style "&&" / "||" operators; parentheses around conditions in if-statements and loops can be omitted; semicolons are largely optional[26] (insertion happens at the end of statement; compile error is raised in case of ambiguity). The language's default mode of operation on native platforms is via a stack machine; it can also be source-to-source compiled to C++ via LLVM for higher performance.[27] On HTML5, GML is source-to-source compiled to JavaScript with optimizations and minification applied in non-debug builds.

// Hello World in GML (Game Maker Language) draw_text(10,10,"Hello World") screen_refresh() keyboard_wait()
Example from Linguist:
/*************************************************** Builds and sends the actual piwik tracking request Copyright (c) 2015 John Hatch Licenced under the MIT licence: ***************************************************/ // Source - //Build argument map var args = ds_map_create(); //----- // Populate GET arguments to Piwik HTTP API // See full HTTP API reference at //----- //Required args ds_map_add(args, "idsite", string(_Piwik_idsite)); ds_map_add(args, "rec", "1"); ds_map_add(args, "url", _piwikUrlEncode(_Piwik_baseurl + "/" + room_get_name(room))); ds_map_add(args, "apiv", "1"); ds_map_add(args, "_id", _piwikUrlEncode(_Piwik_id)); ds_map_add(args, "rand", _piwikUrlEncode( string(round(random(999999999)+game_id)) )); //ds_map_add(args, "new_visit", "0"); //Pass local time to API var ctz = date_get_timezone(); date_set_timezone(timezone_local); var now = date_current_datetime(); ds_map_add(args, "h", _piwikUrlEncode(string(date_get_hour(now)))); ds_map_add(args, "m", _piwikUrlEncode(string(date_get_minute(now)))); ds_map_add(args, "s", _piwikUrlEncode(string(date_get_second(now)))); date_set_timezone(ctz); // Add any other arguments passed to script in the form "param=value" to the http arg map //----- var arg_keyval; for (var i=0; i<argument_count; i++) { arg_keyval = _piwikStringExplode(argument[i],'='); ds_map_add(args, arg_keyval[0], _piwikUrlEncode(string(arg_keyval[1]))); } //Build argument string var argstring = ""; var prevkey = ds_map_find_first(args); argstring += (prevkey + "=" + args[? prevkey] + "&"); repeat (ds_map_size(args)-1) { prevkey = ds_map_find_next(args, prevkey); argstring += (prevkey + "=" + args[? prevkey] + "&"); } ds_map_destroy(args); //Append query string to ds_list of requests to be sent at End Step. ds_list_add(_PIWIK_REQS, "?" + argstring);

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
"Hello world"
MultiLine Comments
/* A comment
/* */
// A comment
Line Comments
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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