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Frost is a programming language created in 2017 by Ethan Nicholas.

#1497on PLDB 7Years Old
Download source code:
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Frost is a powerful, general purpose, multi-paradigm programming language

Example from the web:
======================================================== Simple version of the Unix `head` utility. Reads a file and outputs the first `count` lines from it to the standard output stream. @param path the file to read @param count the number of lines to display ======================================================== method head(path:File, count:Int) { try { path.lines()[..count].apply(Console.printLine) } fail(error) { abort(error.message) } } method abort(msg:String) { Console.printLine(msg) System.exit(1) } method main(args:ListView<String>) { if args.count != 3 { abort("usage: head <path> <count>") } def count := args[2].asInt if count == null { abort("error: '\{args[2]}' is not an integer") } head(File(args[1]), count) }

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
Print() Debugging Console.printLine

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