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Conceptual is a programming language created in 2019.

#2036on PLDB 5Years Old
Download source code:
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The Conceptual language aims to completely separate all features and quirks of programming and bring them to the realm of concepts, bridging machines and minds. This language is not a goal in itself, but a platform for the future; understanding this future allows to put its features into their proper context.

Example from the web:
concept ( map txt '(examples F): Returns examples of usage of a function, in `(… (CodeString BecomesString) …)` format. (examples): Returns all available examples in a (… (Name … (CodeString BecomesString) …) …) format.' call (_jsEval "function(f) { if (_isArray(f)) return error if (f === undefined) { // Accumulate all examples (from parse.ctx). const result = [map] parse.ctx.forEach((v,k) => { if (k[0] === '_') return const r = _getDataOverride(v, examples) if (r !== undefined) result.push(v, r) }) return result } else return _checkOverride(f, examples, f) }"

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