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chrysaLisp is a programming language created in 2015 by Chris Hinsley.

#978on PLDB 9Years Old
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Parallel OS, with GUI, Terminal, OO Assembler, Class libraries, C-Script compiler, Lisp interpreter and more...

Example from the web:
;imports (import 'sys/ (import 'class/ (import 'gui/ (structure 'event 0 (byte 'win_close 'win_min 'win_max 'win_button)) (ui-tree window (create-window (+ window_flag_close window_flag_min window_flag_max)) nil (ui-element _ (create-flow) ('flow_flags (logior flow_flag_down flow_flag_fillw flow_flag_lasth)) (ui-element display (create-label) ('text "0" 'color argb_white 'flow_flags flow_flag_align_hright 'font (create-font "fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf" 24))) (ui-element _ (create-grid) ('grid_width 4 'grid_height 4 'color toolbar_col 'font (create-font "fonts/OpenSans-Regular.ttf" 42)) (each (lambda (text) (component-connect (ui-element _ (create-button) ('text (if (eql text "C") "AC" text))) event_win_button)) "789/456*123-0=C+")))) (gui-add (apply view-change (cat (list window 920 48) (view-pref-size (window-set-title (window-connect-close (window-connect-min (window-connect-max window event_win_max) event_win_min) event_win_close) "Calculator"))))) (defun do_lastop () (cond ((eql lastop "+") (setq accum (+ accum num))) ((eql lastop "-") (setq accum (- accum num))) ((eql lastop "*") (setq accum (* accum num))) ((eql lastop "/") (if (/= num 0) (setq accum (/ accum num))))) accum) (defq id t accum 0 value 0 num 0 lastop nil) (while id (cond ((>= (setq id (get-long (defq msg (mail-read (task-mailbox))) ev_msg_target_id)) event_win_button) (defq op (get (view-find-id window (get-long msg ev_msg_action_source_id)) 'text)) (cond ((eql op "AC") (setq accum 0 value 0 num 0 lastop nil)) ((find op "=+-/*") (if lastop (setq value (do_lastop)) (setq value num accum num)) (setq lastop op num 0)) (t (cond ((= num 0) (unless (eql op "0")) (setq num (to-num op))) (t (setq num (to-num (cat (str num) op))))) (setq value num))) (set display 'text (str value)) (view-dirty (view-layout display))) ((= id event_win_close) ;close button (setq id nil)) ((= id event_win_min) ;min button (bind '(x y _ _) (view-get-bounds window)) (bind '(w h) (view-pref-size window)) (view-change-dirty window x y w h)) ((= id event_win_max) ;max button (bind '(x y _ _) (view-get-bounds window)) (view-change-dirty window x y 512 512)) (t (view-event window msg)))) (view-hide window)

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