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x86 Assembly

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x86 Assembly is an assembly language created in 1972.

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x86 assembly language is a family of backward-compatible assembly languages, which provide some level of compatibility all the way back to the Intel 8008 introduced in April 1972. x86 assembly languages are used to produce object code for the x86 class of processors. Like all assembly languages, it uses short mnemonics to represent the fundamental instructions that the CPU in a computer can understand and follow. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Riju:
.text .globl main main: movq $1, %rax movq $1, %rdi leaq message(%rip), %rsi movq $14, %rdx syscall movq $60, %rax movq $0, %rdi syscall .data message: .string "Hello, world!\n"
Example from Linguist:
.cstring LC0: .ascii "Hello World\0" .text .globl _main _main: LFB3: pushq %rbp LCFI0: movq %rsp, %rbp LCFI1: leaq LC0(%rip), %rdi call _puts movl $0, %eax leave ret LFE3: .section __TEXT,__eh_frame,coalesced,no_toc+strip_static_syms+live_support EH_frame1: .set L$set$0,LECIE1-LSCIE1 .long L$set$0 LSCIE1: .long 0x0 .byte 0x1 .ascii "zR\0" .byte 0x1 .byte 0x78 .byte 0x10 .byte 0x1 .byte 0x10 .byte 0xc .byte 0x7 .byte 0x8 .byte 0x90 .byte 0x1 .align 3 LECIE1: .globl LSFDE1: .set L$set$1,LEFDE1-LASFDE1 .long L$set$1 LASFDE1: .long LASFDE1-EH_frame1 .quad LFB3-. .set L$set$2,LFE3-LFB3 .quad L$set$2 .byte 0x0 .byte 0x4 .set L$set$3,LCFI0-LFB3 .long L$set$3 .byte 0xe .byte 0x10 .byte 0x86 .byte 0x2 .byte 0x4 .set L$set$4,LCFI1-LCFI0 .long L$set$4 .byte 0xd .byte 0x6 .align 3 LEFDE1: .subsections_via_symbols
Example from Wikipedia:
cmp eax, ebx jne do_something ; ... do_something: ; do something here

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
; A comment
Line Comments
; A comment
Processor Registers
Semantic Indentation X

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