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OpenSCAD is an open source programming language created in 2010.

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OpenSCAD is a free software application for creating solid 3D CAD (computer-aided design) objects. It is a script-only based modeller that uses its own description language; parts can be previewed, but it cannot be interactively selected or modified by mouse in the 3D view. An OpenSCAD script specifies geometric primitives (such as spheres, boxes, cylinders, etc.) and defines how they are modified and combined (for instance by intersection, difference, envelope combination and Minkowski sums) to render a 3D model. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
cube(5); x = 4+y; rotate(40) square(5,10); translate([10,5]) { circle(5); square(4); } rotate(60) color("red") { circle(5); square(4); } color("blue") { translate([5,3,0]) sphere(5); rotate([45,0,45]) { cylinder(10); cube([5,6,7]); } }
Example from Riju:
echo("Hello, world!");
Example from Linguist:
// Simple sphere in OpenSCAD sphere( r=10 );

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
Line Comments
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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