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BETA is a programming language created in 1983 by Bent Bruun Kristensen and Ole Lehrmann Madsen and Birger Møller-Pedersen and Kristen Nygaard.

#865on PLDB 41Years Old

BETA is a pure object-oriented language originating within the "Scandinavian School" in object-orientation where the first object-oriented language Simula was developed. Among its notable features, it introduced nested classes, and unified classes with procedures into so called patterns.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from hello-world:
ORIGIN '~beta/basiclib/betaenv' -- program: Descriptor -- (* Hello World in BETA *) (# do 'Hello World' -> putLine #)
{ *** Hello World in BETA ***} (# do 'Hello World!'->putLine #)
Example from Wikipedia:
max: (# x, y, z: @integer enter (x, y) do (if x >= y // True then x -> z else y -> z if) exit z #)

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Strings '
'Hello world'
// A comment
Line Comments //
// A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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