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B is a programming language created in 1969 by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie.

#399on PLDB 55Years Old

B is a programming language developed at Bell Labs circa 1969. It is the work of Ken Thompson with Dennis Ritchie. B was derived from BCPL, and its name may be a contraction of BCPL. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from hello-world:
main() { putchar ('Hell'); putchar ('o Wo'); putchar ('rld'); putchar ('*n'); }
Example from Wikipedia:
/* The following function will print a non-negative number, n, to the base b, where 2<=b<=10. This routine uses the fact that in the ASCII character set, the digits 0 to 9 have sequential code values. */ printn(n, b) { extrn putchar; auto a; if (a = n / b) /* assignment, not test for equality */ printn(a, b); /* recursive */ putchar(n % b + '0'); }

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
/* A comment
MultiLine Comments /* */
/* A comment
Print() Debugging putchar
Semantic Indentation X

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