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Asymptote is an open source application created in 2004 by Andy Hammerlindl and John C. Bowman and Tom Prince.

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Asymptote is a descriptive vector graphics language — developed by Andy Hammerlindl, John C. Bowman (University of Alberta), and Tom Prince — which provides a natural coordinate-based framework for technical drawing. Asymptote runs on all major platforms (Unix, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows). Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Riju:
write("Hello, world!");
Example from Wikipedia:
import graph; import settings; outformat="pdf"; size(300,300); // Function. real[] x1 = {-1.5,0}; real[] y1 = {0,0}; real[] x2 = {0,1.5}; real[] y2 = {1,1}; draw(graph(x1,y1),red+2); draw(graph(x2,y2),red+2); draw((0,0)--(0,1),red+1.5+linetype("4 4")); fill( circle((0,1),0.035), red); filldraw( circle((0,0),0.03), white, red+1.5); // Axes. xaxis( Label("$xTEMPLATEquot;), Ticks(new real[]{-1,-0.5,0.5,1}), Arrow); yaxis( Label("$yTEMPLATEquot;), Ticks(new real[]{0.5,1}), Arrow, ymin=-0.18, ymax=1.25); // Origin. labelx("$OTEMPLATEquot;,0,SW);

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