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RPL, aka Reverse Polish Lisp, is a programming language created in 1984.

#961on PLDB 40Years Old

RPL (derived from Reverse Polish Lisp according to its original developers, whilst for a short while in 1987 HP marketing attempted to coin the backronym ROM-based Procedural Language for it) is a handheld calculator operating system and application programming language used on Hewlett-Packard's scientific graphing RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculators of the HP 28, 48, 49 and 50 series, but it is also usable on non-RPN calculators, such as the 38, 39 and 40 series. RPL is a structured programming language based on RPN, but equally capable of processing algebraic expressions and formulae, implemented as a threaded interpreter. RPL has many similarities to Forth, both languages being stack-based, as well as the list-based LISP. Read more on Wikipedia...

Hello World in RPL for the HP-28, HP-48, HP-49 and HP-50 series pocket calculators. No comments possible. << "HELLO WORLD" 1 DISP 60 FREEZE >>
Example from Wikipedia:
«  0 @ Start with zero on the stack 1 10 @ Loop from 1 to 10 FOR I @ "I" is the local variable I + @ Add "I" to the running total NEXT @ Repeat... »

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
"Hello world"

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