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Jolie, aka Java Orchestration Language Interpreter Engine, is a programming language created in 2006 by Claudio Guidi and Fabrizio Montesi.

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Jolie (Java Orchestration Language Interpreter Engine) is an open-source programming language for developing distributed applications based on microservices. In the programming paradigm proposed with Jolie, each program is a service that can communicate with other programs by sending and receiving messages over a network. Jolie supports an abstraction layer that allows services to communicate using different mediums, ranging from TCP/IP sockets to local in-memory communications between processes.Jolie is currently supported by an interpreter implemented in the Java language, which can be run in multiple operating systems including Linux-based operating systems, OS X, and Windows. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Linguist:
include "common.iol" include "ui/swing_ui.iol" include "console.iol" outputPort Exam { Location: Location_Exam Protocol: sodep Interfaces: ExamInterface } main { question.studentName = "John"; question.examName = "SPLG"; question.question = "Random question"; makeQuestion@Exam( question )( answer ); showYesNoQuestionDialog@SwingUI( "Do you want to accept answer " + answer + " ?" )( decision ); message.studentName = "John"; message.examName = "SPLG"; if ( decision == 0 ) { pass@Exam( message ) } else { fail@Exam( message ) } }

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