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Basic4ppc is a programming language created in 2005 by Erel Uziel.

#2701on PLDB 19Years Old

Basic4ppc (pronounced "Basic for PPC") is a programming language for Pocket PC handheld computers running Windows Mobile operating system, by Anywhere Software. The language is based on a BASIC-like syntax, taking advantage of Microsoft's .NET technology, to allow additional libraries, graphical user interface design of windows forms, rapid application development (RAD), and .NET framework compatible compilation. The language implements a unique way of adding objects to a program without being object-oriented. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
Sub App_Start numA = "Five " numB = "5" numC = 6 SUM1 = numA & numB 'remark: = "Five 5" SUM2 = numB + numC 'remark: = 11 End Sub

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